An eNox Media Content Management System (C.M.S.) makes it easy for everyday users to manage, create, edit, and publish content on the web sites eNox Media develops. Content changes can easily be made by anyone who can surf the web and use a word processor. With a browser-based interface and a Word-like text editing tool, our C.M.S. is easy to learn and requires little training to become productive. Say goodbye to costly, on-going content maintenance costs with designers and programmers.

Managing your Web site with an eNox Media C.M.S. also allows you to delegate responsibility without losing control. An eNox Media C.M.S. makes it simple to securely manage who can access, change, and approve content. Thus making sure the right people can manage the right content at the right time.

Benefits of an eNox Media C.M.S.:

  • Reduced web site maintenance costs
  • Edit web site content anytime, anywhere
  • Browser-based interface for ease of use and rapid site navigation
  • Word-like text editing tool increases user familiarity and reduces training time
  • Low staff support requirements
  • Securely manage graphics, photos, and text
  • Reduced dependency on designers and programmers to make site content changes

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